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SERP Composition

Search Processing

When a search engine user searches for indexed material using a relevant keyword or phrase, the application is triggered to run a sorting algorithm that collates, ranks context-related webpages in order of perceived relevance for that specific search.

These algorithms are powerful ever-changing mathematical models that can incorporate over 200 website characteristics of varying weighted importance designed to provide the search engine user with the most suitable search solution for their particular search request. Algorithm logic is closely guarded however there are fundamental best practices that can be followed in order to improve a website's natural listings over an given period of time.

Search Response

Within a second, a search engine is able to present a user with a highly targeted response ranked in order of percieved relevance. Responses are presented through search engine results pages. SERPs are composed of various elements including natural listings, the products of the processes described in this section.

Please refer to the images below for a graphical representation of natural listings.

Google SERP Example - Click Image To Zoom

Google SERPGoogle Natural Search Results Listings

Yahoo! SERP Example - Click Image To Zoom

Yahoo! SERPYahoo! Natural Search Results Listings

MSN SERP Example - Click Image To Zoom

MSN SERPMSN Natural Search Results Listings

Our comprehensive SEO service provision is designed to promote and maintain natural rankings for our clients websites who are then able to benefit from long-term targeted referrals. Referrals that are free and independant of click volume.