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Keyword Research

There is a SEO phrase you will often hear being banded about by SEO professionals: Content is King!

Keyword research and selection is the single most important part of any search engine optimisation campaign. Website copy that is highly relevant to you business, product or service promotes your webpages' search engine rankings and improves the quantity and quality visitors accessing webpages.

A typical question we ask ourselves on the outset: What would a interested search engine user type into the search field when looking for our clients business, product or service?

We will the consult your experience and knowledge to confirm a preliminary list of keywords. We then expand the keyword list using market-leading software to develop and segment keywords into:

  • Short-tail Keywords

    Highly competitive, volume-focused keywords that are employed to attract referrals from the broader market audience.

  • Long-tail Keywords

    Less-competitive, niche-focused keywords that are employed to target and convert high quality referrals.

Search Volume vs. Search Quality - Click Image to Zoom

Search Engine Keyword Influence Long-tail to short-tail search volume.

The keyword investigation ensures that our activities incorporate both sets of keywords at varying levels of the website's architecture so that our clients profit from improvements in quantity and quality of referrals without overstepping the market sector defining the business.