Upthebeanstalk Ltd Search Marketing Agency

Content Optimisation

Think back a little.

Remember during our SEO preparations we performed a comprehensive keyword analysis? These keywords mirror your search engine market associated with your industry, your business, product or service. How well does your website content match up to this list of defined keywords? We need to bring the indexable content inline with the search engine market demand. The demand must dictate the content and can be different to you historically believed it should be. Relevance to traffic generating keywords is vital for targeted search engine success.

Content should be written with 2 things in mind:

  • Search engine indexing

  • On-page user experience

We will not spam your website with relevant keywords. User experience suffers and more critically your website may be dropped from the SERPs all together and this would reflect poorly on Upthebeanstalk.

Content should be composed in a way that maximises an interested user’s experience when visiting your website but must allow for sufficient search engine visibility to attract the user in the 1st place.

With enhanced content, your search visibility will benefit in 2 distinct ways:

  • Improved link-ability potential (Link-baiting)

  • Search engines will find more unique pages to index

We will investigate and work with you to improve your website copy (if required). At no stage during this content optimisation process will you lose control. All revisions must meet your approval prior to inclusion.