Upthebeanstalk Ltd Search Marketing Agency

Competitor Analysis

Defining Competitors

SEO technologies allow us to measure SEO performances at a very discreet level.

During our interim SEO phases we define a list of appropriate competitors with you. A great management tool in understanding current online market share is to compare our client's website visibility against that of its online competitors. On a pre-defined basis, we will take a snap shot of the visbility across the sample group and report on the relative movements in the preceding period of reporting.

Comparative Analysis

Throughout your SEO campaign we will be continuously asking ourselves competitor-related questions. Who are your immediate online and offline competitors? What are your immediate competitors up to? What are their current online marketing profiles? How do they compare to where you stand at the moment? We employ various specialised snooping tools and techniques to answer these questions.

Lessons learnt will be used to benefit your SEO campaigns and search engine market penetration.