Upthebeanstalk Ltd Search Marketing Agency

SEO Methodology - Foreword

We have already explained that Upthebeanstalk is a search engine marketing agency purely focused at producing substantial return-on-investment through the comprehensive SEO activities we offer as part of our service suite.

Our SEO methodology has been explored in some detail to illustrate the depth of service you will receive partnering with Upthebeanstalk. We are proponents of best-practice and positive client relationships that support successful search marketing campaigns.

The following SEO activities are described within this section:

  • Business Investigation

    Understanding your industry, your business and your particular set of circumstances and marketing performance indicators.
    More on our Business Investigation.

  • Keyword Research

    Targeting your particular search engine market audience through a highly detailed keyword analysis. This will promote high quality lead generation.
    More on our Keyword Research.

  • Competitor Analysis

    Understanding your immediate online & offline competitors. This will help us measure your search engine visibility against the market throughout the SEO campaign life-cycle. More on our Competitor Analysis.

  • Baseline SEO Report

    Record ranking and visbilities on Day 1. This will provide the yardstick on which to report and measure future search engine optimisation successes.
    More on our Baseline SEO Report.

  • Basic SEO Optimisation

    Optimising basic on-page elements for improved indexing and searchability.
    More on our Basic SEO Optimisation.

  • Content Optimisation

    Working with you to optimise your current website copy for for further indexing and searchability improvements.
    More on our Content Optimisation.

  • Architectural Improvements

    Structure your website appropriately to promote themed-based indexing, search friendliness and higher quality website traffic.
    More on our Architectural Improvements.

  • Link Building

    Build off-page SEO strategies through multiple non-paid link building techniques. This will improve your website's percieved importance within your defined market sector. More on our Link Building.