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Search Engine Optimisation

So you have an appetite to delve a little deeper into our search engine optimisation services. As an hors d'œuvre to this section, here is a high level explanation of what search engine optimisation is all about. An online marketing strategy we are proud to offer you.

Free Referrals

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO describes a diverse set of technical activities that are undertaken to increase the amount of targeted traffic visiting your website through natural search engines result pages or SERPs.

Adjectives such as ‘Organic’ or ‘Natural’ describe search listings that are based purely on a search engine's interpretation of which websites would most suit a search engine user's search requirement and are in no way impacted by pay per click search advertising. Websites are ranked in order of perceived relevance.

Natural search listings attract free search engine referrals.

The higher your website ranks within SERPs for keywords and terms associated to your business, product or service, the greater the potential you have to attract high-quality targeted traffic to your website.

User Experience

Search engine optimisation does not only focus at drawing free search engine referrals, it is also focused at delivering an improved user experience for the website visitor. This helps boost enquiry-to-sale conversion rates.

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