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SEO Benefits

Let’s get back to the nuts and bolts of search engine optimisation. SEO is a diverse set of technical activities that will increase the visibility and accessibility of a website through improved search engine ranking performance. In today’s progressive world, high ranking performances are fundamental for business success online and there is no doubt that this strategy should be included in your marketing mix.

So what are the SEO benefits we see?

  • Non-intrusive and voluntary marketing strategy

    A search engine user is only ever exposed to an advertisers business, product or service if they have expressed an interest by searching for terms or keywords that describe the advertisers business, product or service.

  • Highly accurate, measurable reporting

    Enterprise-level reporting platforms track and report on visitor trends, on-site user behaviour continuously. The reports are highly accurate and can be analysed at a very discreet level.

  • SERP referrals are free

    Search engine optimisation influences natural SERP listings. An advertiser is not charged for website traffic/interest originated through natural search engine referrals.

  • SEO costs are independent of click volumes

    There is no limit or restriction on the amount of visitors accessing the advertiser’s website through natural SERP listings.

  • Business/Brand awareness and credibility

    A search engine user will tend to associate their search with the immediate response of a search engine. If an advertiser’s business/brand is displayed but on deeper SERPs i.e. Page 3+, business credibility may be at risk.

  • Improve web standards/user accessibility

    Best-practice search engine optimisation inherently promotes improved web standards and user accessibility with a focus on creating a positive user experience.

  • Tendency for repeat business

    Recent research confirms that sustained SERP visibility enhances a tendency for repeat business from a search engine user that has had a positive user experience through an original search engine referral.

  • Longer term positioning within SERPs vs. Pay per click

    Long-term marketing sustainability is independent of any allocated budget. Best-practice SEO focuses at enhancing aspects of a website to ensure search engines are able to best match an advertisers listing to relevant searches.

  • Business exposure is 24/7

    Search engines are not confined to office hours and search engine users will be able to view an advertiser’s SERP listings anytime.