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Why Upthebeanstalk

10 Distinct Advantages

Upthebeanstalk is a search engine marketing agency full stop. We are not a design house looking to include search engine marketing as a peripheral service. Professional search engine marketing is our sole focus and suits our experienced skill set. Nothing else. Here are 10 advantages we see in choosing Upthebeanstalk as your search engine marketing supplier.

  • You will realise substantial cost savings vs. traditional marketing methods or the use of internal resource to support an effective SEM campaign in-house.

  • Total cost control. No vagueness. No sneaky tricks. You will be fully aware of all costs before partnering up with us.

  • Lead-times to effective search engine marketing are drastically reduced compared to the time taken to assemble a knowledgeable internal team. We are ready to go today.

  • We use enterprise-level tools and expertise that offer you a transparent, accurate understanding of current performances for you to make the right decisions at the right time.

  • You are able to free up internal business resources and offload responsibilities.

  • We are excited about this industry, we love our jobs. For this reason, we constantly keep our eyes and ears open for any new innovations to hit the search marketing industry. We use what we learn to enhance our offerings to you.

  • A customer – supplier relationship is a valuable one. Our relationship with you will be exempt of any ulterior focus or dynamics. Our reputation and livelihood is at stake.

  • We pride ourselves on the high-level of service we offer our clients. We will analyse and advise you on a change of business process or website architecture to maximise your conversion and return-on-investment opportunities from search engine marketing.

  • Black-hat SEM is old hat. We adamantly avoid risky SEM techniques which inevitably end in search engine exclusion and a bad reputation for both you and Upthebeanstalk. Bad business breeds bad customer relations.

  • You increase your problem-solving think tank working with Upthebeanstalk. We want to be an extension of your marketing team not a supplier who remains at arms length until its crunch time.

Service Breakdown

If you are considering incorporating search engine marketing into your marketing portfolio with a professional SEM agency you need not look any further than Upthebeanstalk. It is important at this stage to qualify what strategies are integrated into our particular service protfolio offerd to you.

Our professional SEM services comprise of 2 complementary strategies. Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click advertising. The illustration below represents our SEM service structure.

SEM Service Structure - Click Image To Zoom

SEM Service StructureSEM Service Structure

Combining Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click into a single package:

  • Consistency

    Enhances your online business message consistency

  • Cooperation

    Improves the effectiveness of each strategy

  • Credibility

    Improves competitiveness and credibility on search engine result pages

  • Sustainability

    Supports long-term search marketing from Day 1. PPC advertising exposure is immediate where SEO results take time

  • Cost Reductions

    Supports further cost reductions when your SEO indexing improves i.e. Reducing paid search budgets

Each individual strategy has been described comprehensively within this website and if you are solely interested in investigating a particular search marketing service we invite you to access our dedicated webpages.

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