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Importance of SEM

Search engine marketing is unquestionably the most significant marketing platform to be developed in recent times.

Naturally this statement may be met with an element of uncertainty. There is no need. Unbiased market-related statistics produced through thorough research studies present mouth-watering potential for any organisation irrespective of industry and model.

  • 1.5 Billion

    Internet users globally (2008)

  • £30 billion

    Estimated global search revenue by 2011

  • 350+ million

    Google PPC search matches per day across the world

  • 88%

    of online transactions originate from search engines

  • 81%

    of internet users enter sites via a search engine

  • 41.8 million

    internet Users in the UK

  • 93%

    of UK B2B organisations research purchases/tenders online

  • 85%

    of European internet users first discover websites through a search engine

The scale of this internet and search engine research data is unprecidented. They clearly illustrate the enormous online market that exists and the future possibilities these e-technologies will provide.

No other marketing strategy can provide an equivalent level of exposure. Any organisation that is not seriously considering search engine marketing as part of it's marketing portfolio will have no ability to compete for online market share and will ultimately struggle to grow.