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PPC Content Advertising

Sponsored content listings are a direct result of pay per click content campaigning.

Content listings are advertisements placed on content partner sites affiliated to the major search engines i.e. Reuters, E-consultancy and The Daily Mail.

A visual example of PPC sponsored content listings is presented below.

Google Sponsored Content Listings - Click On Image To Zoom

Google Content PPCGoogle Sponsored Content Network Listings (Paid-for Referrals)

The blue window describing Google pay per click adverts running on www.reuters.com, a notable search partner of Google, with the top PPC advert ranked #1 in terms of:

  • Contextual Relevance

    Theme-based relevancy of PPC advert to the article content presented to the website visitor being “Confectionery firms profit from Chinese chocoholics”

  • Quality Score

    The adverts associated quality between keywords, ad text and landing page content. User experience is of great importance to search engines and that is the reason this factor is included.

  • CPC Maximum Bid Amount

    The maximum cost per click bid you are willing to pay for a specific search query.

PPC content advertising is an optional inclusion for all PPC campaigners and a great technique to reach the widest possible audience for your PPC ads without affecting the quality and actual cost per click of your sponsored search listings.

We suggest setting up a PPC content campaign separately to the corresponding search advertising campaign. Why? Well when looking purely at paid content advertising, search engines review your entire campaign to gain an understanding of the campaign theme. Search engines then try to match your theme to a relating theme of an article or publication that is available within their content network. The idea is that if a reader is interested in the article or publication there is an increased opportunity that they might be interested in what you are advertising.