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PPC Account Structure

One of the most important aspects when looking to create a successful pay per click campaign is the PPC account structure.

An account must be setup in a way that matches your business messaging but also takes advantage of management controls that help improve the quality, flexibility and focus of campaigning.

A typical ppc campaign is segmented into a number of hierarchical levels each having its own controlling parameters that help shape your advertising exposure and spend. Some controlling parameters include:

  • Target Audience (Definable Language, Location, Audience Demographics)

  • Campaign Budgets & Keyword Maximum Bids

  • Campaign Scheduling

  • Media Inclusion (Search & Content Partners)

To display the hierarchical nature of a typical PPC account structure please refer to the image below.

Typical PPC Account Structure (Google) - Click Image To Zoom

Typical PPC Account Structure (Google) - Click Image To ZoomA typical pay per click account structure