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PPC Reporting

Reporting Accuracy

A significant benefit of including PPC in your marketing strategy is the accuracy of data accumulated from Day 1. Unlike other traditional forms of marketing media out there PPC campaign data is accumulated real-time, providing multi-level information on the campaign performances, behavioural aspects of online users and the relative success your website achieves in generating conversions.

The campaign data is fed into our industry leading reporting tools and collated into a format that offers you transparent, unambiguous reporting. Its time to measure our performances against the objectives set out with you at the business investigation stage.

Impact on ROI

Upthebeanstalk will go further and present recommendations where we feel the forthcoming PPC benefits lie. Together we will focus on the campaign elements that will deliver the largest positive impact on your ROI. As the PPC campaign matures we will carry out refinement activities that align your PPC campaigns to search engine market demands and any changes in your business offerings.

Hopefully you have enjoyed our brief PPC methodology section. If you feel that your business can benefit from exploring pay per click advertising with a professional, transparent service provider in Upthebeanstalk, feel free to get in contact.

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