Upthebeanstalk Ltd Search Marketing Agency

PPC Campaign Optimisation

Optimisation is the process of adjusting parts of your PPC account with a single goal in mind – Increasing your pay per click return-on-investment.

Importance of PPC Optimisation

Why do we need to manage the campaign if we set up the account up as good as we could? Well, simple really. From Day 1 we begin to understand more of your specific PPC market dynamics. Every impression, every click, and every conversion is reported on. The data is real, not theoretical information gathered through working with you and conducting our keyword and market research.

Optimisation makes your PPC ads more effective with the following supplementary objectives:

  • Increasing the rate at which you connect to users

  • Raising your ads’ positions within the sponsored results

  • Increasing your click through rate (Clicks vs. Impressions)

  • Decreasing your PPC costs

Typical PPC Activites

Our typical pay per click optimisation activities will include the following maintenance tasks:

  • Analyse your PPC market and online competitors.

  • Review PPC campaign structure, ad groups, ad text and keywords.

  • Adjust campaign parameters.

  • Conduct comparative (split or A/B) ad testing.

  • Monitor your PPC budgets, maximum bid amounts.