Upthebeanstalk Ltd Search Marketing Agency

PPC Campaign Creation

We construct pay per click campaigns specifically configured to your business requirements and budget provisions.

IMPORTANT: We must get your PPC campaign levels right from Day 1.

PPC campaigns are structured into various hierarchical levels each having their own particular campaign controls. Some parameters that we’ll look at include:

  • Daily PPC budget

  • Budget delivery method

  • Geo-targeting preferences

  • Search and/or content modelling definition

  • Language preferences

  • Daily PPC scheduling

  • Target demographic profiling

  • Maximum bid CPC for keywords and/or placements

  • Ad serving parameters

As part of the PPC campaign setup we need to generate compelling ad content that sets your advert apart from the competition. Font colours and styles are prescribed by the PPC provider. We therefore need ad text that attracts the eye and sets it apart from competing PPC listings, ad text that involves and persuades an interested user to make that step and find out more of what you are trying to promote. This is a text-on-text battle for search engine market interest.

PPC ad copy needs to adhere to editorial guidelines and should also be composed in a way that makes them highly relevant to their associated keywords and landing page content. This will improve PPC adgroup quality score and reduce actual cost-per-click for similar ranking performances.

Once campaign creation has been defined and built, we will ask for your approval to launch your PPC campaign.

The time has arrived for your business to benefit from the massive marketing opportunity search engines offer.