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Landing Page Creation

Every click counts when looking at pay per click advertising.


A landing page is the specific page or destination URL within your website where a user routes to after clicking on your PPC advert.

Close Association

It is extremely important to have a close association between a pay per click advert and its corresponding landing page. This will increase the potential for PPC referral conversion and lower actual cost-per-clicks (CPC) through a high quality score.

Allow us a silly but meaningful analogy to explain: A hungry user is searching online for "apples"; the Page 1 search results include your PPC advert describing the “biggest, juiciest apples in town”. Salivating at the mouth, the user clicks on your ad and routes through to your landing page dedicated to oranges. There is limited or no chance of a referral conversion, you pick up a higher CPC bill for the user’s wasted efforts and your apples remain in the storeroom nearing the sell-by date. Silly but meaningful.

Upthebeanstalk will help create landing pages that are highly relevant to your PPC advertising campaigns and visa versa.