Upthebeanstalk Ltd Search Marketing Agency

Keyword Analysis

One question we will continuously be asking ourselves throughout your pay per click advertising campaign is: "What are the keywords or phrases a potential search engine user will associate our client's business, brand, product or service with?"

Search Diversity

Search engine users are different in so many ways, with each interpreting a search query in a different way and we need to make sure we cover the search diversity as best we can.

Here's an simple example to explain: Bob is 57yr old. He is searching online for an establishment that provides haircuts as a service, at his age and standing he searches using the keyword “Barber”. At roughly the same time 23yr old Peter searches for the same haircut service, however, being young and hip he searches using the keyword “Gents Hair Salon”. Bob and Peter have exactly the same requirement however they have expressed their searches differently. It’s the job of the advertiser to attract both Bob and Peter to their client’s male hairdressing business.

That was a simple sample of 2 individuals. Just imagine advertising to a search engine audience on a national or international scale.

Keyword Generation Tools

We use industry-leading keyword generation tools that expand a targeted keyword set related to your specific PPC market with a small amount of industry themed data input, maximising theme coverage and ROI potential.