Upthebeanstalk Ltd Search Marketing Agency

PPC Methodology

Pay per click advertising brings immediate search engine presence so that you are able to exploit potential market demand that is currently available.

Every client brings a unique set of circumstances and objectives to the pay per click management which ultimately drive our best-practice PPC approach. However, all clients have a common advertising objective return-on-investment.

Typical ROI is industry specific but can come in the form of:

  • Sales

  • Qualified Business Development Prospects

  • Business/Brand Awareness (Online marketing exposure)

  • Reader Subscriptions

  • Applications

Upthebeanstalk are proponents of PPC best-practice and positive client relationships that support successful search marketing campaigns and drive positive ROI.

The following PPC activities are described within this section:

  • Business Investigation

    Understanding your industry, your business and your particular set of advertising circumstances and marketing performance indicators.
    More on our Business Investigation.

  • Keyword Analysis

    Targeting your particular pay per click market audience through a highly detailed keyword analysis. This will help maximise PPC ROI potential and improve advertising quality. More on our Keyword Analysis.

  • PPC Campaign Creation

    Develop hihgly targeted campaigns respecting hierarchical controls and required flexibility. More on our PPC Campaign Creation.

  • PPC Campaign Optimisation

    Maintaining PPC campaigns on a daily basis to maximise competitiveness and reduce cost based upon historical campaign performance data.
    More on our PPC Campaign Optimisation.

  • Landing Page Creation

    Ensuring close associations between pay per click adverts and their corresponding landing pages. Reduce cost-per-clicks and maximise conversion potential. More on our Landing Page Creation.