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Out Ethos


We want to be an extension of your marketing team not a supplier who remains at arms length. You will be briefed of activities throughout our search marketing journey concerning both positive and negative aspects, their resultant effects and the measures required to build on and what is learnt for an economic weatherproof solution. Effective communication is extremely important.

Ethical SEM Practices

We adamantly avoid black hat techniques. These search marketing ploys inevitably end in search engine exclusion and a bad reputation for both you and Upthebeanstalk. Bad business breeds bad customer relations. We are confident that our ethical search marketing approach and the level of service that we provide will differentiate upthebeanstalk from Day 1.

Client Control

Mindful of our customers’ own future business growth, you remain in total control over all aspects of your search engine marketing initiatives. To be in control you need proactive expert advice and we will advise you through every decision-making process.


Innovation is the lifeblood that feeds our forward thinking attitude. We keep our ears close to the ground concerning search market trends, latest search engine advancements and the potential impact these would have for our customer base. At Upthebeanstalk we make use of industry-leading technologies and software underpinning the delivery of positive search marketing results in the shortest possible time.


Accurate reports with associated commentary are the incremental building blocks of a successful search marketing campaign. Without effective reporting, you have no view from where we have come (your search marketing baseline) and there is no foundation upon which to focus future optimisation efforts. Upthebeanstalk provide you with transparent thought-provoking reports that aren’t afraid to detail your true search marketing performance as they are at the time.


We employ the best possible individuals at Upthebeanstalk. We have the talent, a hard-working culture, and exhibit a combined interest and dedication not readily found within any search engine marketing agency.

Honest & Fair Pricing

Our maintenance prices are honest and fair and are known to be extremely competitive in comparison to search marketing agencies offering the same level of search marketing service. The level of service we offer is substantial, far more extensive than the majority of our competitors. We are not a fly-by-night agency out to attract you with a sweet incentive only to find, post-signing that the services agreed fall outside the rosy boundaries and require further financial commitment on your part. You will be fully aware of all aspects of our pricing with no hidden monkey business.