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Difference In Innovation

The Name

Our name ‘Upthebeanstalk’ was an easy choice for us due to the fact that we plainly wanted to be different and show innovation of thought from the outset. If it either puts a smile on someone’s face, or sparks you into action to make significant search engine marketing strides by incorporating our services then our branding has done its job.

The Brand

We like to think that our branding complements our company name 100%. We thought of beanstalks, golden eggs, clouds to represent the business but warmed to the idea of the silhouetted giant. The giant describes your current online competitor, a business in your industry sector currently claiming significant online marketing share and reaping golden rewards whilst you warm to the idea of this marketing strategy. With our services you can get up there like Jack and claim some valuable business and visibility of your own.

The Reason

If in 6-12 months an unfamiliar market researcher was asked to list which search engine marketing agencies they investigated what are the odds that ‘Upthebeanstalk’ would be forgotten as apposed to ‘x-media’, ‘y-search’ or ‘z-optimisation’?