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    This is the home of our search engine marketing business serving the online world.

    Our search marketing services open your organisation up to the marketing potential of the internet where new business development potential and improved business awareness can be explored on a truly massive scale. These highly measurable services will ensure optimum, timely exposure with low associated financial and resource commitments on your part.

    Upthebeanstalk is a business that will differentiate itself not merely on branding but one that will do the same for you through the quality of service we provide.

    Looking to outsource to an exciting, forward-thinking and dedicated business partner?

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  • Search Engine Marketing

    Search engine marketing has exponentially outperformed other marketing media formats year-on-year. Recent industry studies report that 8 billion searches are carried out worldwide through the medium of search engines each and every month. That’s an 8 followed by 9 zeros in 30ish days. The audience scale is unprecedented and offers unrivalled business development opportunity.

    Search engine marketing is the present and will be the future.

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  • Search Engine optimisation

    Search engine optimisation is an extremely valuable marketing tool that provides today’s marketer with unmatched return-on-investment potential. Our best practice approach not only focuses on attracting a higher amount of targeted visitors to your website but also encourages improved website user experience and higher conversion opportunities.

    The facts are that search engine optimisation supports long-term search engine visibility on a wide scale and results in referrals that are free and independent of click volumes.

    Choosing to incorporate search engine optimisation within your current marketing portfolio will re-define your historical marketing expectations and present a new standard in value-add strategies.

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  • Pay Per Click Advertising

    Pay per click advertising is a highly effective search engine marketing strategy that immediately exposes your organisation’s website to the enormous business development potential search engines possess. PPC campaigns are highly configurable and produce an extremely discreet level of management reporting.

    Knocking on closed doors is a thing of the past. A large online market currently exists for you today. Avoid lost opportunities and start competing alongside a professional, ROI-driven pay per click business partner.

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  • About Upthebeanstalk

    Search engine marketing offers you with unrivalled business development potential and management controls. Why would you choose a business partner that could not deliver on this?

    Upthebeanstalk is a professional search engine marketing agency full stop. We are not a design house looking to include search engine marketing as a peripheral service. Search engine marketing is what we pride ourselves in.

    We believe that the strategies offered within our best-practice service portfolio will change your business development outlook and set a fresh benchmark on which to measure your existing marketing activities.

    It is an exciting time here at Upthebeanstalk, and we are excited at the prospect of positively affecting your marketing future.

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